Choose a Mercedes-Certified Shop to Protect Your Investment

Nearly every aspect of an accident is stressful. Even if everyone is uninjured, there’s still police reports, insurance claims, and repair work to deal with. If your Mercedes has been in a collision, one way to reduce the stress – and make sure your car is repaired properly – is to choose a Mercedes-Benz certified auto body shop.

Mercedes Certified Shop | Auto Repair Service

While it might seem like you’ll receive the same repairs at any shop you visit, there’s a big difference between a shop that’s certified for Mercedes repairs versus one that isn’t. Every auto manufacturer includes unique features with their vehicles. Some manufacturers even use systems or components that are specific to particular models. With so many types of vehicles on the road, it’s important to take your Mercedes to a shop that knows your make and model inside out.

Safety & Material Considerations

Mercedes has some of the most advanced safety components in the automotive industry. Features vary from model to model, but many of them come with Blind Spot Assist, Speed Limit Assist, Active Assist, and Attention Assist. All of these rely on sensors to do their job. During a collision, your car’s sensors can sustain internal damage that may not be obvious. If a shop isn’t aware of Mercedes’ sensor system or lacks the proper diagnostic and repair tools, your car’s safety and driver-assistant features may not work properly. This could have serious consequences for your safety.

As auto manufacturers work to make cars safer and more energy-efficient, they’re also turning away from traditional single-material vehicles. Many manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, utilize a combination of materials, like high strength steel, aluminum, and composites. The 2015 Mercedes S Class, for example, has a steel rear quarter panel attached to an aluminum rear body panel and rear floor extension. This presents a challenge to uncertified-body shops, as extra care and knowledge are required when working with vehicles that have direct aluminum to steel contact.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

Choosing a Mercedes-certified shop also allows you to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. We use only genuine Mercedes parts, which ensures that they fit and function perfectly. We have a dedicated fixture bench that was developed exclusively by Mercedes-Benz. This allows us to make repairs with assembly-line accuracy. Mercedes-certified shops, like European Collision Center, have completed specialized training to restore Mercedes vehicles to factory specifications. Our technicians know how each model is constructed and the correct process for repairing them. They know the systems they’re working with, understand how to make or model-specific components work, and know how the manufacturer themselves would repair the vehicle.

We hope you never have to go through a collision, but if you do, you can rely on European Collision Center. We’ll restore your Mercedes back to its pre-accident condition, with all safety features working exactly as they should. And after a collision, that’s one less thing to stress about.

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