Reasons to Choose a Porsche Factory-Certified Body Shop

Porsche is known for producing vehicles with stunning design and exceptional performance. They’re also known for being a significant investment, so it can be devastating when your Porsche is involved in a collision. The good news is, by choosing a Porsche-certified collision center, you can ensure that your Porsche looks as perfect as when it rolled out of the factory. 

What’s the Difference with a Factory-Certified Shop?

Where you take your Porshe after a collision can make a difference in the safety and enjoyment of your vehicle. A Porsche-certified body shop, like European Collision Center, has undergone extensive training to ensure that all technicians working on Porsche vehicles know the make inside and out. The facilities are rigorously examined by Porsche to make sure that the shop has the tools and equipment needed to repair your vehicle back to factory standards. Our technicians also continually update their expertise with the latest repair technique and procedures, which allows us to repair even the latest models.

Reasons To Choos A Porsche Factory Certified Body Shop

While a general auto body shop might be able to make your car look like it did before the collision, they’ll often use aftermarket parts and repair procedures that could void your manufacturer’s warranty. A Porsche-certified shop will use only genuine Porsche parts that are designed for your specific model, including OEM paint. Additionally, Porsche-certified repair procedures ensure that the structure of your car is restored exactly to how it was before the accident. Accurate structural repair is necessary for the proper fit of exterior panels, as well as the alignment of critical steering and suspension components.

Your Right to Choose Where You Take Your Porsche

Many insurance companies will push for you to take your Porsche to one of their preferred shops. European Collision is a preferred shop for many insurance companies, but we will work to use genuine factory parts to repair your vehicle no matter who insures your car. Fortunately, by California Law, you have a say on where you get to take your vehicle.  By choosing a Porsche-certified shop, you can ensure that your car is repaired to exact factory standards.

Hopefully, you never get into an accident in your Porsche. But if you do, you can rely on our factory-trained team to get it back on the road, safely, reliably, and good as new.

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