Subject: Is a rental car covered by my insurance?

Getting into an accident and needing extensive body work done is never fun – especially because it means you’ll be without transportation for a while. While you could rely on public transportation, a rental car is a more convenient way to stay mobile while your vehicle is in the shop.

A common question many people have is whether a rental car is covered by their insurance. If you weren’t at fault for the accident, it’s generally relatively easy to have the at-fault insurance company cover the cost of a rental car that is comparable to the vehicle that was in the accident. If you were the one at fault, or the at-fault insurance company is putting off making a decision on reimbursement, then it’s time to turn to your own insurance policy.

Knowing Your Policy

With most insurance policies, a rental car isn’t automatically included. Generally, you will have to add on or look for a policy that includes a rental reimbursement, which is available from most insurance carriers and tends to be relatively inexpensive. We recommend taking a look at your policy before you need to use it to make sure that it has the coverage you’ll need.

We understand that navigating the ins and outs of insurance can be confusing, but our complete insurance coordination makes it easy! Let us know that you’ll need a rental car, and our customer service staff will handle all the details and make sure you have reliable transportation while we restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

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As you know the City and County of San Francisco as well as surrounding counties have requested all non-essential business to close for three weeks. Auto repair is seen as essential. We need to be here to get you back in your cars and to attend to vehicles that may be damaged during this period. Now more than ever we need our automobiles when public transit may not be the safest option to get us to our doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies and for those that are still working, to your jobs.

European Collision Center will remain open.

Please know that European Collision Center is taking every precaution for our employees and clients. We have increased our cleaning staff and on the hour disinfect all public area, offices, restrooms and lunch rooms. Employees have been issued gloves and masks and personnel disinfectant, lunches are now staggered so that our lunch room, built for 24 people only accommodates 6 at any time. All employees are monitored for any health issues and are sent home at the slightest sign of illness.

After every vehicle is repaired, cleaned and detailed then the entire interior is wiped clean with disinfectant wipes and a final wipe down is done as the vehicle is parked prior to the owners pick up.

This is a trying time but one we are all in together and together is the only way we will get though it. If you have any needs that we may be able to help with please do not hesitate to ask.

Ludwik Rutkowski & Dennis Kirkpatrick, and the entire ECC Team.