What Are the Advantages of an Audi Factory-Certified Body Shop?

If your Audi is damaged in a collision, one of your first thoughts might be, “Will my car ever be the same?” The answer is yes – if you bring it to an Audi-certified body shop. A certified shop will help ensure that your vehicle is returned to factory standards with all features functional and intact.

How is a factory-certified shop different?

Certified facilities, like European Collision Center, have made considerable investments in Audi specific tools and training. This ensures that technicians have the knowledge and equipment they need to properly repair your Audi. Years ago, it didn’t necessarily matter where you brought your car for bodywork, as long as the shop provided quality work. Cars used to be primarily composed of steel, but that’s changed – particularly in the past two decades.

Audi-Factory Certified Body Shop

In an effort to make cars safer, more fuel-efficient, and increase performance, many manufacturers now utilize a combination of materials that require specialized repair methods – and Audi is no exception. The 2017 Audi Q7 is made of a combination of high-strength steel and aluminum, two materials that require special handling during repairs, as well as a dedicated workspace. Repairing aluminum panels is very different from repairing steel. Aluminum panels need different paint primers, specially coated fasteners, sealants, tools, and metal-working procedures. Audi-approved shops are the only facilities that are factory-authorized to repair Audi ASF® aluminum construction.

A certified shop will also use genuine Audi-certified parts that are designed for your specific model, as well as genuine Audi paint, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Unlike aftermarket parts, genuine Audi parts are engineered, manufactured, and tested to maintain the car’s original performance. They also fit properly, which allows us to restore the structural integrity of your car. Genuine Audi parts are backed by a limited warranty and will keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Newer vehicles have more extensive computer systems and specialized sensors. A certified shop understands how all these systems work and knows how to repair them so that your important safety features work as they should.

You Have a Right to Choose Your Body Shop

Many insurance companies will try to push for repairs to be done at their preferred body shop. European Collision is a preferred shop for many insurance companies, but we will work to use genuine factory parts to repair your vehicle no matter who insures your car. Fortunately, by California Law, you have a say on where you get to take your vehicle. To truly have your Audi restored to its pre-accident condition, you should choose an Audi-certified shop.

If you’d like to learn more about Audi-certified repairs or make an appointment for your Audi, give us a call at 415-551-9700, send us an email at info@europeancollision.com, or contact us online.

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