Why Should You Choose a Tesla-Certified Body Shop?


Tesla features some of the most innovative technology out on the road today. Due to their strict standards, the make has become nearly synonymous with quality and safety. Needless to say, if your Tesla is in a collision, it shouldn’t be brought to just any shop. A Tesla-certified auto body shop is the best way to restore your Tesla back to factory condition while keeping its high safety rating and factory warranty intact.

More Than Just Aesthetics

Auto body repairs aren’t just about fixing the aesthetic damage on your vehicle. In many cases, auto body repair is crucial to ensuring your Tesla’s functionality, safety, and longevity. Tesla uses a unique combination of aluminum, hybrid steel, and composite materials in their vehicles. These materials require specialized tools and a highly trained facility to be restored properly.

One specific feature that a certified shop is better capable of handling is the ultrasonic proximity sensors. These sensors are used for Tesla’s autopilot feature, as well as the auto-presenting and Falcon Wing doors on the Model X. While other car manufacturers rely on cameras or visible sensors, Tesla’s ultrasonic sensors are hidden within the body panels of their vehicles. This allows the sensors to use sonar to measure proximity without sacrificing the design aesthetic. Trusting your vehicle’s repair to a shop that doesn’t understand the mechanics or technology of Tesla could leave important features like these sensors inoperable. 

Demanding Certification Standards, Higher Quality Repairs

Tesla’s certification standards are very demanding. They require rigorous training of technicians and a strict assessment of the facility. At European Collision Center, we’re proud to say we’re a Tesla-certified auto body shop. Our I-CAR Gold certified technicians have undergone specialized training on Tesla repair, learning directly from those who developed the standardized repair procedures. We use only Tesla-approved repair methods and genuine Tesla parts. We’re authorized to perform repairs on everything from paint scuffs to structural damage and sensor calibration.

Tesla works closely with our team to ensure we continue to maintain our high repair standards and exceptional customer service. Tesla, like European Collision Center, is committed to guaranteeing you the best possible experience with your vehicle. We know getting into an accident is stressful and nobody is thrilled with the idea of needing auto body repair. But if you do, you can trust our team to repair it properly and get you back on the road in no time.

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As you know the City and County of San Francisco as well as surrounding counties have requested all non-essential business to close for three weeks. Auto repair is seen as essential. We need to be here to get you back in your cars and to attend to vehicles that may be damaged during this period. Now more than ever we need our automobiles when public transit may not be the safest option to get us to our doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies and for those that are still working, to your jobs.

European Collision Center will remain open.

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